All written and graphic content is Copyright © Dave Walker. Any unauthorised publication on web pages or in print will constitute an infringement of copyright.

That’s the harsh legal stuff out of the way. It has to be said, but on the other hand I’m very keen that my work is shared and enjoyed. Here’s how you can do it.


I’m happy for diagrams to be tweeted if the tweet links to the original cartoon on my site, and you credits me, @davewalker. Or just use the sharing button under any of the diagrams.


I’m happy for private individuals to share my diagrams on Facebook. Please see my Rough Diagrams Facebook page, and share an image from one of those pages rather than uploading it yourself. Or, once again, use one of the sharing buttons. If the image you are looking for isn’t listed on my Facebook pages you may post it, but please link to this website in the post.


If you’re a private individual blogging you can may an occasional diagram on your blog provided:
1) You host it on your own server
2) You post a link to this site

Commercial blogs (or if you’re not sure) – please contact me.

Licences for republication

I have plans to introduce a licence system for this website. But in the meantime please get in touch if any of the following apply:

  • You’d like to use a diagram in print
  • You are a commercial organisation
  • You’d like to use a diagram in a presentation (I’ll usually just say yes for non-commercial presentations, but please ask)

Modifying my work

Please don’t do it.

Thank you!