Launching the T-shirt shop

On Friday I launched the Rough Diagrams t-shirt shop.

I’ve started out with three designs, but more are on their way, along with other clothing products. They are available, of course, in men’s and women’s designs.

Designing t-shirts is a new challenge, but one that I’m really enjoying. A lot of my cartoons just don’t work as t-shirts, as there’s too much text on them, and there’s only so long that its polite to stare at someone’s chest reading their shirt. So, simple and immediate in terms of message is, I think, the key, although the artwork can have complexity to it if it can be quickly understood.

I’ve chosen Teemill for their ethical credentials (read more here), and because I’ve got on with the whole process of building the shop. I’ve tried other services in the past, and it hasn’t gone so well.

I’m enjoying it anyway, and I hope that I produce some designs that you’ll enjoy wearing. Feedback always welcomed, by email, Twitter or some other means. Go and have a look at the shop here: